About Us  

We are a Hot Rolling Mill manufacturing company working mainly in the area of Bar and Wire Rod Mills.

We manufacture medium sized, Wire Rod Mills, upto 300,000 tpa and Bar Mills upto 400,000 tpa capacity. These mills offer state of the art technology, run efficiently with minimum downtimes, thus offer lower cost of production and deliver close tolerances on the rolled products.

For Bar Mills we use slit rolling for higher capacity mills. We have developed an innovative solution for high speed rolling of reinforced bars ( TMT in India ) which is ideal for mills that produce 8 mm in large quantities and at high speeds.

In case of Wire Rod Mills our Blocks operate upto 80 m / sec. Low – medium reductions and small ring sizes make it particularly suited for close tolerance rolling and for special and stainless steels. We can offer from 2 stand mini blocks to 10 stand blocks and Coil forming and handling Lines upto 1200 kg.

Upgrading existing Bar and Wire Rod mills, to increase production and improve efficiency and product quality, is our specialisation.

We also manufacture special purpose, custom built equipment for mills. For Structural Mills, we manufacture auxiliary equipment like Hot Saws and Cooling Beds and for Flat Product Mills equipment like Vertical Edgers and Down Coilers.

We stand out from our competitors because of our attention to quality and an equally strong emphasis on delivering well engineered equipment. Also because we are able to adapt the best technologies being used internationally, for such mills, to Indian conditions and price levels.

Our biggest asset is our innovative team of engineers who thrive on new challenges and are obsessive about quality. Our mills and equipment are reasonably priced and we offer excellent value for money and for the price we charge, perhaps, no one can offer a better product.