Major Orders  
  • 2009 - Present
  • 2003 - 2008
  • 2002 - 1998
  • 1998 - 2001
Year Client Description of Work Done
2011 Ankit Metals & Power Ltd. Kolkata
( under execution )
Complete Wire Rod Mill for stainless Steels, Continuos, H – V mill, with 8 stand Block.1200 kg Coil.
2011 Global Smelters Ltd. Kanpur
( under execution )
2 stand, 500 mm, H – V Mill, before existing continuos mill, to roll stainless steels upto 80 mm sq.
2011 Global Smelters Ltd. Kanpur
( under execution )
2 stand Pre finishing Block, size 250 mm, suitable for stainless steels, speeds upto 15 m /sec
2011 Super Smelters Ltd. Durgapur
( under execution )
2 stand Pre finishing Block, size 240 mm, located before the 6 std. block, suitable for carbon steels at speeds upto 25 m /sec.
2011 Concast India Ltd., Kolkata
( under execution )
6 stand Wire Rod Block, 175 mm, complete with Coil Forming, Compacting and handling Line for 300 kg. coils.
2010   Jai Balaji Steels Ltd., Durgapur 8 std., High Speed Wire Rod Block for special steels. Speeds upto 70 m / sec. Configuration - 2 x 215 mm + 6 x 175 mm. Complete with Laying Head, Primary Cooling Line, Controlled Cooling Conveyor, Compactor and Coil handling Line for 1200 kg. coils.
2010   GECO Steels, Syria
( thru Apollo International Ltd )           
Spares, substituting for original European manufacturer, for an existing Bar Mill.
2010   Shri Gopal Concrete Ltd.,Durgapur Twin Channel, Bar Delivery System, 66 m.
2010   Global Smelters Ltd., Kanpur 2 std. Mini Block for Stainless Steel, TC ring size : 280 mm, suitable for rolling upto 20 mm dia. speeds upto 15 m / sec., works as a Pre finishing block and also a Finishing Block for the Garret Line.
2010   Super Smelters Ltd., Durgapur

Flying Shear after Roughing Mill, 900 mm, suitable for 65 mm sq.

2009 Jindal Steel Limited, Hissar Mould jackets for Bloom Caster
2009 Super Smelters Ltd., Durgapur Upgradation of 4 std. Block to 6 stands and speeds to 60 m / sec. Addition of another line for Coil Compaction and Handling to handle 780 kg coil.
2008/2009 Global Smelters, Kanpur

Garret Coiler Line for Stainless Steel bars in coil form from 14 to 32 mm dia., 1200 kg coil.
The complete line consists of 2 nos. Garret Coiler with Pinch Rolls, followed by Swivelling Elevator, Quenching tank, Unloader and then a Slat type Conveyor, forced cooling station, Coil Transfer Device, Upender and Capstan.

Year Client Description of Work Done
2008 Zion Steels Ltd., Rourkela Modernisation of existing mill to roll stainless and special steels by addition of 4 stds. of 400 mm in H V configuration and 2 vertical stds. of 320 mm.
2007/08 Global Smelters Ltd, Kanpur

Wire Rod Mill for Stainless Steels - 4 std., Pre Finishing Mill before Wire Rod Block (Housingless and shiftable type stands ) with 4 crank type, Flying Shears after Roughing and intermediate mills & interstand Vertical Loopers.
Laying Head, 65 m / sec. and Complete Coil Forming and Handling Line for 1200 kg coils.

2007 Modern Steels Ltd., Mandi Gobindgarh Hot Saws, 2 nos., 1500 Dia. for Alloy Steel Bars and Rounds upto 160 mm.
2007 Shree Bajrang Metalics & Power Ltd , Raipur Continuous Finishing Mill, consisting of 8 nos. pre stressed type stands. Twin Channel, Bar Delivery System, 72 m,speed 20 m / sec.
2006/07 RAK Steel L.L.C., Ras al Khaimah, UAE Horizontal - Vertical Stands for a continuos Bar Mill of 400,000 tpa capacity, including Flying Shears and other equipment.
2006 Sunflag Iron & Steel Co.Ltd , Nagpur Down Coiler for narrow strips of Stainless Steels, 315 mm wide.
2005 Shah Alloys Ltd, Ahmedabad Slab Extractor, three prong type, for slabs 8.5 x 1.8 m, weighing 15 t.
2004/05 Super Smelters Ltd., Durgapur 4 Std, Wire Rod Block, with Laying Head and a Coil Forming & Handling line for 600 kg coils.
2004 Binju Saria Metal Box Co. Ltd, Hyderabad Twin Channel, Bar Delivery System, 75 m, max. speed 15 m / sec.
2004 G.A. Danieli India Ltd., Kolkatta Auto Gas Cutting Machine for 2 Strand CCM, size 160 mm sq.
2003 Amba Steel Ltd, Muzaffarnagar Twin Channel, Bar Delivery System, 75 m, max. speed 22 m / sec.
2003 Shah Alloys Ltd, Ahmedabad Gear Boxes for Steckel Coilers for a 1800 mm wide Hot Strip Mill.
Year Client Description of Work Done
2002 Empire Bar Mills Co. Ltd., Bangkok , Thailand Gear Boxes cum Pinion Stands for a continuous Medium Structural Mill.
2001 Himal Iron & Steel Pvt. Ltd., Parwanipur, Nepal Coil Forming and Handling equipment for 100,000 tpa Bar cum Wire Rod Mill.
2001 Shah Alloys Ltd., Ahmedabad Down Coiler for Hot Strip Mill, 1800 mm wide, 15 t coil weight , max Speed – 8 m/sec.
2000 Rathi Super Steel Ltd., Ghaziabad Rake Type Cooling Bed , 72 x 8 m, and a Twin Channel, High Speed Bar Delivery System for a Bar Mill working up to 22 m/sec.
2000 Star Wire ( India ) Ltd., Ballabgarh Hot Saw , 1500 mm Blade dia., for Tool and Valve Steels up to 125 mm sq.
1999 P T Perkasa Indobaja , Indonesia Hot Saw, 1200 mm Blade diameter, Carbon and Low Alloy Steels, up to 90 mm sq.
1999 Shah Alloys Ltd., Ahmedabad Vertical Edging Stand for 1800 mm wide Plate Mill.
1999 Himal Iron & Steel Pvt. Ltd., Parwanipur, Nepal Mechanization Equipment for a 3 Hi Roughing Stand of a Bar Mill - Tilting Tables and Pneumatic Drop Guides.
1998 Thai Nguyen Iron & Steel Company, Vietnam 6 Stand Wire Rod Block, Laying Head & Coil Forming and Handling Area for 400 kg coils.
Year Client Description of Work Done
1997 Shah Alloys Ltd., Ahmedabad Slab Extractors and Side Guides for a 1800 mm wide Plate Mill
1996 Sunflag Iron & Steel Co. Ltd., Bhandara Mechanization Equipment for a 3 Hi, Roughing Stand of a Bar Mill - Tilting Table and Pneumatic Drop Guides. Hot Saw for cutting 80 mm sq. and 24 m long Cooling Bed.
1995 Sharda Ispat Ltd., Nagpur Vertical Edging Stand and Hot Saws (3 nos.) , for a light Structural Mill.
1995 Cimmco Birla Ltd., N Delhi Material Handling Equipment for a SAW Pipe Plant of Man Industries, Indore.
1994 Remi Metals (Gujarat) Ltd., Bharuch Finishing line for a Seamless Pipe Plant - Conveyors, Roller Tables and Hot Saws, 2 nos.
1993 Cimmco Birla Ltd., N Delhi Slag Ladle Cars for Bhilai & Rourkela Steel Plants, 5 nos.
1992 Cimmco Birla Ltd., N Delhi Tuyere Stock Assemblies and other Blast Furnace Equipment for TATA Steel. Jamshedpur
1992 Multisteel Industries Pvt. Ltd., Sri Lanka Complete Merchant Mill for Reinforced Bars and Light Structurals, 40 000 tpa